About OGDI DataLab

OGDI (Open Government Data Initiative) DataLab is one of the accelerators of the turnkey solution Open Data in a box, a Community initiative led by the Microsoft teams in charge of the Public Sector for providing a ready to use white label solution for Open Data that is complete, interoperable, open and scalable. The OGDI Datalab platform aims at facilitating both the publication and the use of public data from various public entities (government, ministries, local and regional authorities, cities, decentralized state services and government agencies, etc.). As a result, this platform allows to publish and consume on the Internet (multiple catalogs of) public data sets in an open format that encompasses and fulfills the fundamental principles of the Web. Thus, the OGDI Datalab’s data service along with the open programmatic interfaces (APIs) - based in particular on the Odata standard - can be accessed by a wide variety of technologies used on the Internet today, such as ASP.NET, JavaScript, Flash, Flex, PHP, Python, Ruby, Silverlight, Objective-C (iPhone, iOS), Android, etc.

Whether you are a Public Authority, a business company in contract with such an entity, a company wishing to use public information, or "citizen" developer, etc. open APIs allow you to build innovative modern applications, data advanced graphics and mash-ups that will benefit citizens, civil servants, and other users. This site relies on the default software components provided by the accelerator OGDI Datalab. It offers an interactive access to some publicly available open data sets with associated code samples and other resources for writing modern applications using the programming model implemented by OGDI Datalab.

OGDI DataLab leverages the Microsoft Azure plateform in the cloud. OGDI DataLab is available on GitHub under the open source Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL).

Please send us an email at ogdifrance@live.fr if you have open that you want us to publish or if you have questions.